Naples Marco Island Fishing Report November 10, 2015

I love fall fishing with all the options. Mother nature supplies a vast amount of bait fish around the beaches, passes and into the backcountry this time of year. I believe it’s her way to fatten up the fish before the cooler less abundant months of the winter.
Off the beaches Bonita have showed up. These are the best fighting fastest fish in our water. Their dorsal fin slips into a hidden slot and their pectoral fins fold into a recessed pocket all designed for¬†speed. Fishing for them can be challenging as you chase them looking for birds and the fish, that swim in packs, slicing through the water. Many times when you arrive the’ve moved on but when you do hook up the peel line off the reel like fire.
Tarpon are still around although not nearly as prevalent as in the spring and summer we still catch some in the fall. I find them on strong incoming tides in the mornings on or just after cold fronts. These fronts seem to concentrate the mullet in certain spots which attract the tarpon.
Snook and reds are still in the passes as well as the backcountry. I’m just now starting to fish deeper in the backcountry and this trend will continue as we get cooler and deeper into winter.
Now is a good time to book your thanksgiving, christmas and winter fishing trips. This is my busiest time of the year so plan ahead.
Had a great day fishing with my friend Bruce and his brother Marty and his daughter Sam. After catching a few snook we sat in one spot and caught all the 8-10# jacks we wanted. Then found some nice mid size 50-70# tarpon, Bruce hooked a sixty pounder but it threw the hook on it’s third jump. Then moved a short distance and hooked a nice 70# bull shark which also earned an early release. A fun day with good people.
Some recent pics. Call me 239-450-9230
IMG_7602 IMG_7595 IMG_7588 IMG_7581 IMG_7580 IMG_7291

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