Naples Marco Island Fishing Report August 22, 2015

As we move into late summer/fall fishing I reflect on how much I enjoy being on the water during these months. Some September days on the water we’ll only see a couple boats all day. The fishing is good with lots of options. I also look at past posts and realize I like being on the water during every season so… let’s go.
Redfish have showed up pretty good the last month or so. I honestly don’t know where they came from or where they go but I was catching very few during the early summer months although that is the norm. Most of he reds are good size with some pushing 30″.
Snook fishing isn’t what it was earlier in the summer but still catching good numbers of small fish well as few nice bigger fish. The beaches are fishing good at the higher tides as well as the passes and some backcountry spots.
It’s also a good time of year for big mangrove snapper (see pic below, John M. with a backcountry beauty). When I say big I mean 12″ which is good size for the backcountry/coastal areas. When they get much bigger than that they move offshore.
There are also some baby tarpon around the backcountry, nice jacks as well as some 60 plus pound goliath groupers off some of the off shore wrecks.
This time of year we fish early or late afternoon. I’ve had some great time on the water the last hour or two before sunset. I love to fish with plugs and especially top water plugs. This is the time to do it. The pics of the reds my son and I caught below were on top water plugs, a real hoot.
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