Fishing Report April 9, 2014

I’m glad March is over. March is our windiest month and the fishing can be good…and can be tough. As I write this the wind is steady out of the northwest and the temperature is dropping. I suspect this will be the last cool front of the year. Looking forward, April is when the fishing busts loose. As the weather settles into it’s normal, calm spring pattern, many species will get active. Tarpon and sharks are in the backcountry, snook are feeding and fattening up and are starting their move to the passes for their early summer spawn, reds are not thick but in the backcountry and pompano, trout and others are about. 

I love fishing for tarpon in the backcountry. It still amazes me that these huge herrings hang out in such shallow bays. Great sight fishing if, the conditions are right. Juvenile (up to 6′) bull sharks are also in the same bays. Great fun on light tackle. I’ve found snook on the beaches already, in the passes and in the backcountry. 

Most of my April mornings are booked but I do have a few limited slots available in April. May is booking up quick as is June. June is our best month for tarpon. Sight fishing off the beaches and shoals is a riot. Call me to discuss tides or book a trip. 

May and June can be two of the best months of the year to fish so book now to get the best tides.

Tight lines – Capt. Mark Ward 239-450-9230

A few pics os some recent catches.


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