Fishing Report November 12, 2013

I’ve had a busy last seven days fishing almost everyday. Tides were tough mid day last week as the water got so low we weren’t able to fish shoreline where the snook and reds like to feed. I did have a decent week catching though with the usual species being had, snook, reds, gag and goliath grouper, jacks, baby barracuda and triple tail. Yesterday my son Dylan and I trailered the boat to Chokoloskee just pass Everglades City to fish the park. We didn’t catch alot of fish but did catch some snook, jacks and had a nice red eat the fly twice but didn’t get hooked. I had forgotten how much I like fishing down there. It’s very vast with unlimited fishing opportunities. My son had never fished down there and it was fun showing him around. We did the big loop as I call it. We fished the outside islands down to Lostman’s River then went up the river and fished our way home in the backcountry. Water was gin clear way in the back country but we didn’t find many fish back there. We also enjoyed checking out the Rod & Gun Club in EC on the way home. The first two pics are Thurmon Massa with a decent snook and his Dad James with a backcountry Goliath. Next two are Brad Abel and his friend Bob, then Dylan and I in the park.

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