Fishing Report February 23, 2016

Well… I must be honest, the fishing the last few days has been very slow. This past weekend the tides were decent, the weather warmer and the the water has cleared from the latest cold front but the fish weren’t eating.
We did manage some redfish, pompano, a small permit which is a fairly unusual catch in the backcountry, some trout and some snapper and sheepshead.
As we come off the full moon I anticipate the fishing to improve. We’ll have low tides in the mornings this week which will concentrate the fish in the troughs and in addition let’s us fish both the outgoing and incoming tides.
Plus were getting ever closer to tarpon and shark season. Once the water in the backcountry hits 73 I start lookin’.
Some recent catches. First two pics are longtime clients and friends Bob & Don Rathert with some nice redfish and George Zengo with a backcountry permit.

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