Fishing Report December 20, 2013

Yesterday was a beautiful day on the water. As I left my house in my boat before sunrise I was a little nervous as it was quit chilly, the tide was ultra low coming off the full moon and assisted by the north wind plus I didn’t think I’d be able to get shiners/bait after the recent cold front. Turned out the bait was easy to get and, as soon as the sun popped up it warmed up quickly. I picked up long time client KL Spear and his daughter Sarah and her husband Ben and was still worried about the low tide which was bottoming out at 9am. We headed to the backcountry to fish this 1/4 mile long trough that’s surrounded by flats. The flats were mostly mud so I was hoping the fish were in the trough. We immediately started catching fish and as we moved up an down the trough we caught fish for over two hours. Nothing hug but great action. Double headers were numerous and even had a triple. Pompano, jacks, big ladyfish and the highlight was four permit that we caught. I rarely catch permit in the backcountry. A couple were very small but it was a thrill just catching them. We actually got bored fishing and catching fish in the trough so we went further into a backcountry creek and lost two big fish we couldn’t stop. It was also a good wildlife day as we saw wild pigs, bald eagles and numerous dolphins. Overall a great crystal clear morning with some great anglers. Merry Christmas!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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