Tarpon Fishing Charters

Trip Rates & Details

Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) are one of the most exciting and exhilarating fish to catch in the  saltwater in Southwest Florida. Tarpon are considered one the all time great saltwater gamefish. 

Tarpon are spectacular acrobatic jumpers and fight to the end. Spring and summer is the best  time of year to fish for them although they can show as early as March and as late as mid  November. May and June are the top months with fish migrating along the beaches.  Sometimes we can sight fish tarpon using live bait or flies. The look like silvery greenish  torpedoes as they cruise over the white sand bottoms in gin clear water.  

One of the reasons they fight so much and are unique is they have the ability to gulp air to  supplement the oxygen the get through their gills. It’s not uncommon to see them “rolling” as  they suck the air above the water. 

Give me a call to book a tarpon trip and call ahead so we can pick the best tides. Some of my  out of town clients stay at the Bayfront Inn so I can pick them up in my boat at the dock behind  the hotel. 

A fishing experience you’ll never forget. Book now.


$ 600 Up to three anglers, each additional angler $50


$ 800 Up to three anglers, each additional angler $50


$ 995 Up to three anglers, each additional angler $50

Cancellation Policy for All Trips: In the event you have to cancel we will make every effort to rebook the trip. If we are unable to rebook, a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged between 30 and 14 days before the trip and 100% will be charged less than two weeks before the trip.

What's Included

Most everything including bait, tackle, fishing license, cooler & water.

What to Bring

Not much, hat, sunglasses, sunblock, anything you want to drink besides water and anything you want to eat.


If you have any questions, please call Capt. Mark: 239-450-9230

May and June are the best months to catch tarpon but they can be caught  in the backcountry as early as March and can be found all summer into the  fall.

The spring tarpon migration will be in full swing with tarpon cruising along  the beaches in 4’-12’ of water. 

Yes so try to plan ahead to we can look at the dates with the best tides.  Good tides mean the water is moving one way or another. A few days either  side of the full or new moon can be good. 

Not guaranteed, even if you hook one many times when they do their rodeo  jumps they throw the hooks but my percentage has increased quit a bit  over the years with the advent of better tackle, hooks and the knowledge  I’ve gained. Many clients book two or three days. 

No, plus I would never want to kill such a magnificent animal and in addition  a special permit is required to harvest one. Replica mounts are a popular  option to mount your trophy. 

Typically, I can take up to three but when tarpon fishing one or two anglers  is best.

Live crabs, live pilchards, cut bait, plugs or flies. 

I use 50 lb. ultra cast braided line on Shimano Stradic reels mounted on St.  Croix rods.

Cash, check or Venmo.

Yes, tips are appreciated and most fishing guides receive tips after the trips between $25 and $100 but is up to you.