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Naples Marco Island Fishing Report February 20, 2018

February has been unseasonable warm with zero cold fronts and the forecast is for the warm weather to continue for the rest of the month. The water in the backcountry is in the high 70’s so consequently tarpon and sharks have shown up. The tarpon fishing is not as good as it will be in

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March 5, 2017 – Naples Marco Island Fishing Report

Spring is hear in Southwest Florida. Signs include the arrival of the Swallow Tailed Kites and Purple Martins which I’ve spotted both this week, I’m sure exhausted from their long flight from Brazil. Manatees are becoming more prevalent and…tarpon and sharks have started to show in the backcountry! Fishing has been hot and cold which

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Naples Fishing Report December 21, 2016

The winter solstice arrived early this morning, at 5:44am, EST. The winter solstice is the exact moment that the Northern Hemisphere is tilted the farthest it ever gets from the sun during the year. This lowers the amount of the sun’s warming energy that reaches Earth, hence, winter! What does all this mean? It means the

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Naples Fishing Report November 12, 2016

November into December could be a couple of the best months for fishing and the weather in Naples and Southwest Florida is superb. Beautiful puffy white clouds silhouetted against blue skies with temps around 80 in the day and 60 at nite. We’re catching quite the variety of fish including Snook, Redfish, lots of jacks,

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Naples Marco Island Fishing Report Sept. 22, 2016

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to fish. In the gulf we get tarpon migrating south, snook can be sight fished along the beach, sharks and screamer bonita should show up in a few weeks.. Overall fishing is what is should be this time of year. Bait fish are thick off

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Fishing Report July 27, 2016

Although it’s hot mid day fishing around Naples and Marco Island, the bite can be and is very good especially mornings and late afternoons. Sight fishing the beaches for snook has been very good although can get challenging when the water is very calm and clear. It’s almost like bone fishing in the keys or

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