Fishing Report May 29, 2015- Naples Fishing Marco Island Fishing

If you’ve been thinking of booking a trip but haven’t, nows an excellent time. Call me and book now for this summer before it’s over and here’s why.
In general it’s one of the best times of the year to fish, May, June and through the summer. At certain tides and times of day the water is gin clear. The water around the sandy flats and shoals surrounding the coast becomes a beautiful aqua marine turquoise blue color depending on the conditions. All sorts of aquatic life becomes visible beneath the clear water window. Huge starfish, baitfish, all sorts of rays including the magnificent spotted eagle ray, and loads of coastal fish species including tarpon, snook, jacks pompano and others.
It’s been a really good week for tarpon. We’ve been leaving the dock at first light and getting to our spots before sunrise. Definitely my favorite hour of the day. Sometimes this time of year the tarpon bite is early in the morning. We’ve been fishing to the schools that are running along the beaches heading north on the their annual spring migration.
Snook fishing has also been a ball especially along the beaches. At higher tides and when the the sun is up so we have better visibility we’re able to sight fish. Another one of my favorite ways to fish. The snook will hug the edge of the water next to the sand. We through are baits or flies in front of them, wait for them to approach then hook up! it’s actually not as easy as it sounds and we don’t always hook up but we do have good success and it’s a great challenge.
I also have some good backcountry shark and tarpon spots then can be productive depending on the tide.
Pics below of some of the recent action.
IMG_4292 IMG_4370IMG_4192IMG_4231IMG_4419IMG_4426IMG_4430IMG_4433IMG_4435IMG_4438IMG_4442


Fishing report May 11, 2015

I put this video together to show some of the latest catches. My favorite is 7 year old Henrik with a very nice snook he caught. Henrick lives on the arctic circle where the sun shines all day this time of year. He says “sometimes it’s sunrise and sunset at the same time”.

Let’s go fishing, tarpon are here. Give me a call.
Capt. Mark


Fishing Report May 7, 2015

Spring has officially arrived in sunny SW Florida along with the tarpon, sharks, snook, goliath grouper and more. Many people ask me the best months of the year to fish the Naples and Marco island area and I say May – July and Sept – November.
The snook have started to show on the beaches as well as the passes. Spring and summer is their time to spawn so they congregate in these areas waiting for the full and new moons to spawn in the inlets. One of my favorite ways to fish for snook is to sight fish them along the remote barrier islands. The water this time of year can be gin clear and at high tide the snook will hug the shore, patrolling for food. Both live bait or flies work well. Sometimes we anchor the boat and walk the beach.
Tarpon have pretty much moved out of the backcountry and are starting their spring migration moving north along the sandy shoals and beaches. Sight fishing is also a possibility in the crystal clear water we sometimes have this time of year.
Sharks are still in the backcountry and off the beaches. I think the shark is an underrated sport fish. Bulls, spinners, black tips and lemon sharks put up a great fight and make great pictures.
Below are some recent catches.
Had a ball fishing with Robert Ford, Tim Keaney and Andrew Tucker this week. The highlight was Tim’s 100# Bull Shark.