Naples Fishing March 18, 2015

Fishing is starting to turn on with some bigger fish being caught and the springtime sharks and tarpon have arrived. All the signs of spring are happening. Swallow tailed kites and purple martins are here, osprey’s have chicks and tarpon and sharks are in the backcountry.

Action has been great this week, I’ve caught bull sharks up to 150 lbs along with a couple smaller ones, big jacks up to 14 lbs and good action on pompano, trout, snook, snapper and more.

Below Howard with a 150# bull, Michael and his friend throw back a nice bull, Ella with her first tarpon, Lexi with a nice backcountry goliath grouper and Lisa Rafferty with a huge jack.

Let’s go fish in’!

IMG_3104 IMG_3112 IMG_3136 IMG_3145 IMG_3164 IMG_3166

Naples Marco Island Fishing March 3, 2015

Looks like the cold weather is behind us as the forecast calls for low 80’s for the next week! We’re still in the winter fishing mode which means I’m fishing open water for trout, pompano and the other not target species that show up as well as fishing shoreline for snook, reds and big jacks. We’re also catching a lot of big sheepshead and some nice snapper. This all means we’re having good action with lots of species.

The water has cleared off the beaches which means it’s easier to get bait and gives me more options to catch different varieties and bigger fish. Bigger snook will start to show in some of the bays adjacent to the passes. I feel these fishing are staging, before they head to the passes in late spring and early summer. We always latch into some huge snook in March and it always amazes me how shallow the water is where we catch them.

March is also the month big tarpon and sharks show up in the backcountry. I’ve found when the water temp hits 73 they show up. I used to think these spring backcountry tarpon migrated to points south during the winter but I’ve found that they just go dormant and show when the water heats up. Example, late last December we had a week long warm spell with the air temp over 80 and the water reached 74. I looked at all my backcountry tarpon spots and they all had fish. The backcountry sharks are great fun. Mostly bulls but we also catch lemons, black tips and nurse sharks. Average size is 5-6′ which is not so big you have to fight it all days but still a great fight.

Going forward as March progresses the fishing just gets better and even better in April. Let’s go.

Capt. Mark