Fishing Report November 20, 2013

Yesterday was another beautiful day on the water with friends and long time clients Tim and Mike. We went off the beach a couple miles to shark fish since the tide was low and the day before we were into the sharks pretty good. Waiting for the tide to start is like watching water boil so the bite was slow but finally had a good bite…which turned out to be a 5′ spotted eagle ray. I had caught rays before but never an eagle ray. They are beautiful elegant animals. After the 40 minute ray battle the tide was right to fish the backcountry. We loaded up on bait and headed to the backcountry. Tide was coming in nice but I knew it was going to get high which can make the fishing tough but…turned out the fish were so hungry it didn’t matter. every spot we fished we caught fish. Snook, gag and goliath grouper, jacks, snapper and more. Near the end of the day we travelled deep into the backcountry, looking for shallow bays, redfish and trying to get away from the high water. The first spot we hit we caught 6 reds, all nice fish averaging six pounds. The next spot we caught snook, redfish, goliath and gag grouper and snapper. Tim and Mike are excellent caster which helped make a great day on the water. Sometimes it seems so easy.

I still have some openings over Thanksgiving and Christmas so give me a call.


Fishing Report November 18, 2013

Yesterday was a beautiful day on the water with the temperature in the mid 80’s and a light fresh breeze out of the east. Coming off the full moon the tide was ultra low so we fished the pass and then off the beach and caught some nice mackerel. The fishing was slow the first part of the trip but picked up in the afternoon after the tide changed. We did manage to catch seven different species and some nice snook. it was a pleasure to fish Mark Kashishian and his friend Leo from New Jersey…even though they’re Yankees fans.

I still have openings Thanksgiving week and Christmas week so give me a call, 239-450-9230 – Capt. Mark Ward


Fishing Report November 12, 2013

I’ve had a busy last seven days fishing almost everyday. Tides were tough mid day last week as the water got so low we weren’t able to fish shoreline where the snook and reds like to feed. I did have a decent week catching though with the usual species being had, snook, reds, gag and goliath grouper, jacks, baby barracuda and triple tail. Yesterday my son Dylan and I trailered the boat to Chokoloskee just pass Everglades City to fish the park. We didn’t catch alot of fish but did catch some snook, jacks and had a nice red eat the fly twice but didn’t get hooked. I had forgotten how much I like fishing down there. It’s very vast with unlimited fishing opportunities. My son had never fished down there and it was fun showing him around. We did the big loop as I call it. We fished the outside islands down to Lostman’s River then went up the river and fished our way home in the backcountry. Water was gin clear way in the back country but we didn’t find many fish back there. We also enjoyed checking out the Rod & Gun Club in EC on the way home. The first two pics are Thurmon Massa with a decent snook and his Dad James with a backcountry Goliath. Next two are Brad Abel and his friend Bob, then Dylan and I in the park.








Fishing Report November 7, 2013

The sunrise this morning was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. First light till sunrise is my favorite hour of the day. We were fishing at 6:00am to take advantage of the first light tarpon bite which didn’t happen. We did have fun hooking two and landing one 5′ bull shark. Overall fishing the last two days with Jon Sieck and his son’s Calvin and Teddy was a ball. They were good casters, patient and good anglers. Besides the sharks we didn’t catch any huge fish but had aot of action. Fishing is really good now with bait al over the place including the fall mullet run which is in full swing. Tarpon and sharks are chasing the mullet along the beaches and in the passes,  bonita are prevalent and there are some triple tail to be had under the crab buoys off the beaches.ImageImageImageP1080661P1080644

Fishing Report November 4, 2013

Sunrise this morning brought a fresh north breeze and low humidity. A perfect day as the temperature climbed into the low 80’s. Bait was easy this morning as I loaded up on perfect 3-4″ pilchards. Fished with long time client and friend Tom Dyke and his son Peter. Peter’s first cast of the day produced a 29″ 10lb Snook. His dad hooked a snook on his second cast although not as big. The bite turned off in that spot so we headed deeper into the backcountry for more snook. We caught a few decent fish when we noticed big jacks were bustin’ bait in the shallows. We pulled up and Peter hooked a 15 pounder which he landed 30 minutes later. Nice job Peter on 10# test. Next we fished one of my favorite oysters bars and caught about a dozen more snook. Overall a good morning with two nice guys.

The rest of the week looks good for fishing. Coming off the new moon yesterday, we’ll have good tides all this week with low water in the morning with a good incoming tide until mid afternoon. Bonita are showing off the beaches, tarpon are in the passes at sunrise and there are some babies in the backcountry. Red fishing will be good this week on the afternoon higher tide phases. Let’s go fishin’.ImageImageImageImage

Fishing Report November 2, 2013

Yesterday was a beautiful day on the water in SW Florida. The tide came in a sparking clear  turquoise color, there was a light fresh breeze and white puffy clouds. I fished with Pat Kenershough from PA. Pat had told me he was a fresh water fly fisherman and he didn’t have much experience in saltwater. I was looking forward to helping him adjust to the challenges of saltwater fly fishing. Turns out he was an excellent caster and was able to tackle the difficulties of saltwater fly fishing with ease. The mackerel were thick off the beaches so we caught a couple of them then headed to the backcountry. Big 15-20lb jack crevalles were bustin’ baits in one of the bays so on Pat’s third cast hooked a huge one. The fish took him into his backing and at one point Pat thought he might get spooled. The fish finally went behind some mangroves and broke off. It was a tough loss. I love being on the water in SW Florida, the sunrises, dolphins and all nature has to offer always amazes me. Let’s go fishing! There are big tarpon in the passes and the Bonita are starting to show and snook are everywhere!P1080614IMG_3436P1080612IMG_3242P1070107