October 26, Redfish, Grouper, Jacks, Fun!

Had a great fun morning fishing with Peter Hill and his daughter Jo and her boyfriend Mark. Jo and Mark live in England and they had never had a fishing pole in their hand. On Mark’s third cast he caught this beautiful 8lb 26″ feisty redfish! During the morning they quickly became good casters and had a ball catching Snook, Goliath Grouper, Jacks and more. Well done guys! (I love the pic of Jo holding her first fish ever)IMG_3391IMG_3410IMG_3396IMG_3405

October 22, Big Snook and Jacks

Had a good morning with Adam Gropper and his son Ethan from Miami. The first fish of the day was Adams 13lb snook and the day ended with Ethans 15lb jack which he fought for 40 minutes. On the way in I saw some big jacks bustin’ big baits in the middle of a bay. We pulled up and Ethan threw out a bait and within seconds his reel was singing. He almost got spooled before we got the boat moving to chase the fish. He did a great job fighting the fish and tiring it out using only 10lb test line. it was a beautiful day on the water with puffy white clouds and very little boat traffic.Adams big snookIMG_3355

October 8, 2013 – Grand Slam!

Had a great day Sunday fishing with Jenna Giusto and her father Richard from Davie FL. We caught a good variety, fishing the backcountry creeks as well as some spots closer to the gulf. One of the first fish Jenna caught was a 10lb baby tarpon, then a snook in the same hole so at that point I new the grand slam was going to happen for her. Congratulations Jenna! Her dad also did well with his highlight a 26″ red. Bonita should be showing up any day. I’ll be looking tomorrow.


September 29, 2013

Had the day off Saturday so took my son Dylan out for a little backcountry R&D. Bait was easy as we loaded up with perfect 2-4″ pilchards (white bait). We caught snook at every spot we fished from near gulf shorelines to backcountry oyster bars and creeks. The highlight was the backcountry creeks where we got into nice baby tarpon and over slot (over 33″) snook and nice gag and goliath grouper. Dylan went back out with his friend Davis on Sunday and did better than we did on Saturday. It’s always nice to stop at the Capri Fish House for a little lunch.